Project approach to delivery

Setting up a team with Global Enablement is governed by 4 phases, each with decision gates to ensure customer expectations are met. The project approach ensures requirements are captured and delivered as part of the solution, giving customers exactly what they’ve asked for. It also ensures traceability and transparency as solid foundations for a trusted partnership that can grow with our customers.

Discover & Assess icon_1

Understand existing processes

Audit for outsource compatibility

Skills and competency assessment

Decide how the delivery team will be governed

Proposal / Agreement reached

Design & Build

Document business process & training

Determine inportant performance indicators

Screen , shortlist & interview staff

Procure equipment & office stup ( IT & Ops )

Document signoff & staff offers

Execute & Run

On – Board new staff

Provide training & support

Parallel Run

Client assesment & onshore desplacement

Go – Live

Evaluate & Optimise

Regular reporting on key performance metrics

Performance management of staff

Continuous imprrovement & automation

Flexibile model to adjust support as needed

Regular face to face reviews with Management Team

Stage Gate Decision

Global Enablement

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Staffing solutions at a glance

Pillars of Delivery

At Global Enablement we believe there are many critical elements that must work in harmony to ensure successful delivery of our client’s needs. These elements start from the first engagement and are meticulously managed from concept to commission and continuously throughout delivery.


Global Enablement Values, Practices & Beliefs


Staff Development
& Learning

Trust &



Quality Assurance
& Controls


Continuity &
Staff back-up