5 Commonly Outsourced Tasks you can Use for Your Small Business

Outsourcing was once an option only for bigger, established, and well-known companies. The resources required made it seem impossible for start-up companies to take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing.

However, the tides have turned, and outsourcing has been an integral part of many small businesses today with the use of technological advances, especially the internet. When the opportunities started to open its doors, many businesses from different industries slowly joined the movement for a more affordable, more efficient, and more logical way of doing business.

Wondering if business outsourcing is for you? Read on to see common types of business tasks currently outsourced in the market:

Data Collection and Analysis

With more and more businesses relying on solid data for making decisions and developing proposals, data collection and analysis has never been more important. This resulted in the rise of companies solely providing data collection and analysis services.

However, for many smaller businesses, they don’t require complicated data and statistics backed with years or research – some just need a few information about the market status, competition, or even just gather prospected client list.

Your imagination is your limit with data analysis and collection, which makes it a versatile weapon you should have in your arsenal.


Bookkeeping is an integral part of any business and keeps the financial status of a company floating. However, with the rise of bookkeeping software, the internet, and people who are offering this kind of service as contractors, outsourcing bookkeeping is slowly becoming the norm for smaller business, as it helps avoid paying full-time employees for work that doesn’t require everyday handling.

Content Writing

The marketing environment today uses information and relationships as its foundation. And with businesses interacting with their clients through computer screens, it’s more important to convey their message effectively, even without their physical presence.

Sharing of information through blog posts, social media activity, and building stronger relationships are now the norm in the marketing scene and they’re here to stay. No matter what type of business or industry you’re in, you need to communicate with people.

Content writing through blogs or social media is a crucial marketing task that will not only keep your business afloat but stand out from the rest.

Web Design and Development

Having a website for your business is as important, if not more, than having an office. However, once you have a website, you don’t necessarily have to do something about it every day. As long as it’s working the way it’s supposed to, you can leave it as is. That reason makes it impractical to hire full-time web developers and designers (unless you offer web design and development services, of course) and outsourcing it to contractors a logical move.

The good thing about outsourcing web development tasks is that you don’t have to regularly train your employees for the constant changes in the programming scene to keep them updated. Outsourced contractors invest on their own and spread the expenses to all their clients.

Secretarial Tasks

This one is a bit more general and not clearly defined. But if you’re running a business, you should know there are small, simple tasks that are not meant to be assigned to a whole department but still needs to get done, while you’re scrambling with all of your own duties.

That’s where secretaries, and now, virtual assistants come in. They can schedule your appointments, manage your calendars, relay messages to your colleagues and clients, and manage other menial business related activities. Their versatility and efficiency is their primary weapon.

The best part about outsourcing virtual assistants is that you pay them by the hour, meaning you only hire and pay them when you need something done, instead of having a secretary lying around your office with nothing to do, while getting paid.

No doubt, outsourcing is slowly replacing traditional business processes and is steadily making businesses more scalable than ever. With minimal cost and improved results in addition to flexibility, outsourcing cannot be considered a trend – it is the future.

Global Enablement can help you join the thousands, if not millions, of businesses harvesting the benefits of outsourcing business processes.

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