5 Critical Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

We’re in a world where people rely on the internet to go about their daily lives. Many people shop, pay their bills, work, order food, and communicate, through the internet. If you still don’t have a website or at least any online presence, you’re almost non-existent.

Surprisingly, many small businesses still don’t have their website! They rely on social media, traditional advertising, and word of mouth. No denying that all that are still effective, but in today’s marketing environment, it simply is not enough.

That said, we listed 5 of the most important reasons your small business needs a website, to help you see what you’re missing out.


This is the most basic benefit that a website can provide. Think of it as your online store, where people can look around and check your products, see if they like something and potentially order from you. Even if you don’t sell the products online, visitors will do their research and browse your website before they even drop by your store.

But there’s more to it than just showing your products or services. It helps the user know more about your company, your social proof, and when done right, it can help visitors to relate to your brand and your message.

Affordable Advertising

By having a website, you’re expanding your reach, at a lower cost per impression (the number of times an advertising material is viewed) than traditional advertising or other online methods. The more people see your brand through your website, the more aware they become about it. Yes, it may take a while to get there, but with time and effort, it’s easy and extremely satisfying.


Having a website is like having a store open 24/7. From your website, anyone can browse your products, get your contact information, or directly send you a message, anytime that’s convenient for them. And today, convenience is one selling point that should be common to most business.

If you don’t have a website that can answer customer concerns, can provide your contact information or can process orders and your competitor does, be ready to lose your clients soon.


Your clients expect you to have a website, just like they expect you to have an office and an office telephone. Having a website increases your credibility, and prove your legitimacy, and people looking to do business with you will certainly check your online presence.

Nowadays, it’s hard to take businesses without a website seriously, let alone trust them with their business and their hard-earned money.

Building Authority Through Blogging

We are already in the information age, and people use the internet to gather and share information. You can use this to your advantage through content marketing. By having a website where you provide valuable information, you can not only lead your customers to buy your products or use your services but share it with their friends and family as well.

Yes, you can share information through social media, but by having your own blogging platform, your posts can stay there for as long as you want, and don’t run the risk of being buried deep in their news feed like with most social media platforms.

The business environment is evolving rapidly. The technological advances changed the way we, and our customers, do business and these improvements are here to stay. Needless to say, having a website is already a necessity and not a luxury, and swimming against the tide will prove to be futile.

Create your own website today and reap all its benefits. Global Enablement is here to help you build your own digital asset, and set yourself up for success. Contact us to know more!

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