5 Ways to Make Your Business Win on Social Media

With social media becoming more prevalent each day in the marketing perspective, businesses all over the world tries to join the bandwagon. With more than 15 Million Facebook users and 5 million Instagram users in Australia alone, it’s safe to say this is something worth pursuing.

However, not all of these businesses truly understand how they can make social media work for them. All they know is that it’s important to have an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. At the end of the day, they get tired of spending time on social media without seeing significant results.

Why, you ask? There are a lot of factors to consider before we can answer this. What we can provide you, however, are some fundamental tips for making social media work for you and your business.

Start Small

A common mistake many start-up businesses make when using social media for marketing is joining multiple platforms right away. With so many to choose from, all offering great opportunities, it’s hard to say no.

The problem is that you will eventually spread yourself too thin managing 4 social media accounts and not being good at any one of them. You exchange your time to fully understanding the process and strategy for one platform, just so you can scratch the surface for all of them.

Start with one platform, master it, build meaningful relationships with your audience, and establish loyalty. In time, you’ll be ready to focus on other platforms while managing your first choice without a hassle.

Identify Your Audience

Okay, you’ve heard about it. Identify your target demographic. Age, location, gender and all that. But is it all there is to it?

In today’s marketing environment, you need to go beyond that. You need to understand your customers on a personal level before you can sell them something.

What are their fears? What are their pains? What makes them jump out of joy? Appeal to their emotions before expecting them to care about you.

Note: This works not only for B2C but for B2B as well. Remember, the decision makers are human too. They make decisions using emotions and justify it using logic.

Use it as it is – a SOCIAL Media Platform

Many business owners fail to realise that social media is not made for businesses. It’s made for socialising and nurturing and building relationships.

Instead of always trying to sell your product, promote your service, or talk about your success, engage with your customers like the human being that you are.

Ask them how they feel about something, talk to them in the comments section, share something unrelated to your product, answer questions. Any human interaction. Avoid making them feel like talking to a faceless corporation and let them see your human side.

Admit Mistakes and Welcome Negative Feedback

Nothing screams “amateur” and “loser” louder than being agitated by negative responses. The same is true with ignoring negative feedback or covering up your mistakes.

Man up – admit mistakes whenever you make them. Let your audience know you are sorry and are working to fix it or to not let it happen again.

If you receive criticism, ask them for more information and dig deeper to find the root cause of their problem. If the problem is on your end (which is most often the case, either with a faulty product, miscommunication, etc.,), look for ways to solve it. If it’s not, kindly and patiently explain why they might be suffering and how to solve it on their end.

Your audience, even when they are not the ones involved, will see this as a positive signal that you are trustworthy and genuinely cares about them.

Provide Value

This should be a no-brainer, but sadly, too many forget about this.

Your post should always provide value to your readers. Whether it’s your written content or infographics, something helpful you find on the web, or a free guide for anything, make it all about them and not about your product.

This is a double-edged sword: First, good content can entice readers to share it with their friends, helping you expand your reach. Second, it can help you establish authority, trust, and later on, generate sales.

Don’t forget that any social media platform is a space for your readers and you’re trying to get in. Not the other way around.

Now that 2016 has ended, we’re here to face yet another year. There are always possibilities of challenges, of difficulties, and even failures. But there is also room for positive results, milestone achievements, and tremendous success. All it takes is the willingness to find ways to grow, to stand back up, and to face whatever is ahead of us.

Social media shouldn’t be too hard. You can dive deep and crunch the numbers, gather figures, and conduct a full analysis. But by simply stepping back and seeing the bigger picture, it all boils down to good relationships. Give your audience something that can improve their lives, or even just make them smile for few seconds. Without noticing it, you’ll receive their trust and their loyalty.

Keep it simple!

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