Top 5 headaches for Associations!

We’re here to help!

Following on from the AuSAE conference in May this year, we’ve been partnering closely with a handful of Associations to provide resourcing solutions to help solve major pain points. We’ve noticed a couple of consistent themes in these engagements and wanted to share some of the highlights which might be all too familiar in your Associations.

CRM Cleanse

Member information is a valuable asset, but the value of your data is entirely dependent on the quality of that data. We’re helping associations to cleanse their CRM systems, remove duplicates and match data using expert data analysts, allowing for more streamlined member management.

Data Enrichment

Associations are always striving to learn more about members and gain new channels to interact. We’ve conducted enrichment programs to research and complete member records allowing our clients to obtain greater insight into member characteristics.

Member Analytics

Are you struggling to assess the effectiveness of campaigns and predict where you should spend more resource? Do you know who your most active members are? Leverage the data you have to gain insight into your campaigns and communications. Our data experts can provide regular reporting for your management team.

Member Growth & outbound marketing

Member growth is the primary objective of many Associations and member growth is achieved by articulating and delivering value to target groups. We’re helping Associations grow with themed marketing campaigns using a custom built mix of email, voice and social media communications.

Offerings to members

A personal favourite of mine is what we’ve been able to offer to your members. The sky is the limit with outsourcing and it’s a win-win for Associations where we can provide tailored solutions that harness value for your members and also provide rebates based on user adoption, creating a new revenue stream for the Association itself.

We’d love to hear from other Associations out there and chat over coffee about the possibilities of partnering together. We’ve built a unique and well-rounded understanding of the challenges facing associations and are keen to help.

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