Why Content Marketing Matters to Your Small Business

Content is King.. That’s a pretty abused term in the digital marketing world, and for good reason. We’re now in the information age and velocity of information sharing is off the charts. Creating interesting, valuable, and compelling content is something that businesses cannot afford to ignore. Consciously or not, everybody is doing it, everyone is investing in it, and everyone is talking about it. But why? And why should you care?

We could babble for eternity on the nuts and bolts of how information sharing works, but we have decided to give you the most compelling points and benefits that will provide enlightenment on why content marketing matters to you, your business, and your customers.

What is Content?

Content, in the marketing sense, is anything that communicates a message to your intended audience. Videos, photos, blogs, vlogs, infographics, newsletters, you name it. Content helps you connect with your users and connects your users with you. It bridges the gap between producers and consumers and makes marketing a two-way street. Not only can you use it to inform and attract your target market, but your target market will also provide you with rich signals about what it values and what it does not.

We know it’s still a bit confusing, so for now, let’s focus on written content. We’ve created a list of benefits your business can unlock from written content marketing.

Builds Social Following and Loyalty

It’s not easy to gain your audiences’ trust. Every day, they are constantly bombarded with advertisements from TV, radio, billboards and the internet. Businesses always try to get something from their audience which in most cases is money for a product or service. Naturally, humans filter out the bits that we don’t find relevant. We ignore the billboards and grab a drink during the commercial breaks.

The point is, why not switch roles and give your customers a little something for their attention? Answer their questions, tell them something they don’t know yet, provide insights, tutorials, or even just something to make them smile. Take a break from taking and start giving.

When people don’t see you as yet another salesman, they tend to listen. When they like, or agree to what they’re hearing, they will tell someone about it – that person will possibly tell someone else about it and share it on social media platforms too. Do this consistently and your words will start to reach more and more people. The result? Nothing fancy, just a larger group of people waiting to hear from you again, who will recommend you to their friends and people who are not just customers, but advocates.

Establish Authority

Anyone can claim to be an expert. Claiming to be an expert doesn’t make you one. Sharing your expertise and having your credentials validated by others does. When you consistently provide insightful content, make your customer think critically or agree with you or share helpful information that they can act on, you become an expert in their eyes and you have just established yourself as an authority in your industry. You become a go-to person or business and people value your opinion.

Great Content Makes Google Happy

And not just Google, other search engines as well.

Great content is good for search engine optimisation (SEO). Basically, when you produce valuable content on particular topics, search engines like Google will place your website at the higher part of the results page for those topics. As this occurs you can get more clicks when someone searches for key terms related to your business and build a productive cycle to grow traffic. The goal of search engines is to lead users to pages that can give them what they’re looking for. Whilst there are a lot of factors affecting your page ranking, search engines put a lot of weight on the content and its relevance.

Beware, however, simply churning out content for the sake of ‘gaming’ the engines will not yield results. If you’re not adding value to your readers by using keyword centric articles or are simply duplicating the content of others, you’ll get penalized and your rankings will suffer.

Write for humans first, search engines second.

Content Stays with You

Unlike with TV or Magazine advertisements, content doesn’t expire. You don’t have to pay for it to stay on your website or search engines and it will be there for as long as you want. When your content answers questions, reduces anxieties and solves problems, your content will be useful even after several years and will continue to do you and your readers a favour.

Yes, there may be content that is relevant today but might be useless in the future, and that’s okay. You can remove it or just leave it there. What’s important is that you consistently provide content that is relevant today, or might be relevant in the future.

Content can Convert

The ultimate goal of any content, is to help convert your target market into customers or advocates. With a good content marketing strategy, your content will do the selling for you without actually needing to sell. It can be immediate or staged over time, but it will happen. You have to give your intended audience attention, and they will give the same to you.

Modern marketing is based on relationships. That’s why content marketing is crucial in achieving success. In saying that, nobody can tell the extent of its importance just yet. Content marketing is evolving rapidly, but it’s here to stay and it’s becoming increasingly vital to all businesses.

Don’t let your audience and your brand get left behind. It’s time to reach out, lend a helping hand, and build lasting relationships with your customers and targets through content marketing.

Conveniently, we’re here to help, so feel free to reach out and we can share our expertise on how to build a winning approach with content!

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